Telegram Will Launch a Blockchain Platform and Cryptocurrency in March 2019


Telegram prepares to launch a working version of TON (a blockchain platform) and Gram (its own cryptocurrency) in March 2019; they will be available to all. The Bell writes about this, citing sources familiar with the plans of Telegram’s team. The establisher of Telegram raised $1.7 billion in 2018 to develop the platform.

According to the two interlocutors of the publication, during a month, Durov and his team should meet with the largest investors of the project and demonstrate the work of the TON platform, including its integration into Telegram.

The first country where trading and using Gram will be started is likely to be Japan. According to the newspaper, currently, the Company studies the legal framework in more than ten jurisdictions and operates with cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, China and the UK.

If the team does not launch the blockchain platform before October 31, 2019, investors will be able to get their money back.