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We are happy to provide you with a definitive resource for investing and trading. There are many resources out there, which you can freely use. This one though has been created by investors, specifically for investors as a tool to help you master the art of trading, and to have all of the information and tools you could possibly need to increase your trading edge.
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Online Brokers

In the Online Brokers section of the site you will find objective reviews on a wide variety of online brokers and trading platforms, across many financial types. The site reivews will look at Stock Brokers, CFD Brokers, Forex Brokers, Cryptocurrency Brokers and even Robo Advisors.

Our research is based on our own objective, in-depth exploration into each of the brokers and also feedback from my users and trading community. The goal of these reviews is to give you a clear picture of those brokers that come recommended and those that do not. aims to break the seal of silence so that anyone that intends to trade using a broker, can have all the information on that broker before he deposits his hard-earned capital. The reviews will explore customer service, product quality and geeral offerning, plus trading conditions and broker reliability.


Minimum Deposit
Forex Spreads
From 0.1 pips
CFDs Trade Fee
0.08% minimum $8.00 USD
Stock Trade Fee
From 0.3 pips
Open Account Read XTB review


Minimum Deposit
Forex Spreads
From 1.3 pips
CFDs Trade Fee
From 0.13%
Stock Trade Fee
Average 0.13%
Open Account Read AvaTrade review

Vantage FX

Minimum Deposit
Forex Spreads
From 0.0 pips + $3 commission per 1 lot
CFDs Trade Fee
Stock Trade Fee
Open Account Read Vantage FX review


Minimum Deposit
Forex Spreads
From 0.0 pips + $3.50 commission
CFDs Trade Fee
From 0.3 pips
Stock Trade Fee
From 0.4 pips
Open Account Read Pepperstone review


Minimum Deposit
Forex Spreads
From 3 pips
CFDs Trade Fee
From 0.09%
Stock Trade Fee
0.09% spread per side
Open Account Read eToro review
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The deepest analysis of brokers online

Our research covers a variety of facets and areas. We look at everything from service efficiency, to platform latency and up time, trading tools available, platform and support languages available, withdrawal processing time, trading conditions and fees. For each one of these areas we give a point-scoring basis between 0-5. The higher the broker performs in this category, the higher the score they will receive. Once we have conducted all of the research into these areas, we calculate an overall score out of 100. The higher broker ranks, the higher they will appear on our broker-ranking list. We spend up to one week exploring a broker, its product and offering. After 3 months we go back to revisit the broker’s rating and conduct another intense look into the broker, that way we factor in changes that the broker has made.

What do we test for each broker?

  • Commissions & Fees
  • Customer Service
  • Platforms & Tools
  • Ease of Use
  • Order Execution
  • Research
  • Mobile Trading
  • Education
  • Banking

Who we are

The team here at come from a variety of backgrounds across financial institutions and FinTech firms, hand-picked for their shared motivation to help their peers avoid the pitfalls they themselves have encountered as well as imparting the trading and investment systems and strategies that have worked, and failed, for them. We hope that you will find the immensely valuable resource we have dedicated ourselves to it becoming for the trader and investor community and welcome all of your feedback, good and bad, as well as any suggestions you might have for us to further improve and extend what we cover.