Cryptocurrencies Will Continue Falling amid the Investigation by the US SEC

The main cryptocurrencies continue falling in price amid the investigation conducted by the US SEC concerning the anomalous growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate in 2017. The regulator tries to find the illegal reasons for the sharp upward jump of Bitcoin last year. Before the results of the investigation are made public, investors prefer not to take risks, but wait and see.

As at 11:00, Bitcoin rate fell down by 3.66% to $3,848 for a day; its capitalization amounted to $67.9 billion. By this time, Ethereum weakened by 4.26% to $105.4; its capitalization reached $11.2 billion. As it became known earlier, ETCDEV, a leading company for developing Ethereum Classic, closed. Such a decision of the management was related to the situation on the cryptocurrency market.

XRP lost 4.15% for a day and dropped to $0.345; its capitalization amounted to $14 billion. Litecoin weakened by 5.1% to $29.8; its capitalization reached $1.8 billion.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market reached $125.9 billion.

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