Boeing Will Spend $20 Billion to Buy Shares. Quotes Immediately Soared by 4%

Boeing’s shares rose appreciably after the world’s largest aerospace giant increased its quarterly dividend by 20%, and the size of the share repurchase program is up to $20 billion.

The Boeing Aircraft Corporation has increased its quarterly dividend by 20% to $2,055 per share. The company also announced an increase in the share repurchase program from the market by $2 billion, to $20 billion. The quotes responded with growth by 4%.

Analysts from the UBS Swiss bank recommend buying Boeing’s shares, expecting their growth in the next 12 months by 66.5% from the current level of the quotations. The analysts set the annual goal of the shares at $515.

Predicting the growth of Boeing’s shares in the coming year perspective, UBS’s analysts also proceeded from the company’s expectations of a 15%-20% increase in dividends, while a consensus forecast suggested only a 10%-12% increase in dividends.