Ethereum Approached XRP. The Distance Between Them Was Reduced to $130 million

Ethereum became more expensive by 9% over the past day, and its capitalization increased by $1.3 billion. The altcoin can rise to the second line among the largest blockchain projects by this indicator.

On Tuesday, January 15, Ethereum average market value increased by 9%, to $129.9. The cryptocurrency capitalization increased by 10% - from $12.3 billion to $13.5 billion. According to this indicator, the altcoin approaches Ripple’s XRP ($13.6 billion), which value increased by 3% over the last day. Currently, the distance between them is $130 million. The two projects take turns taking second line in the list of the largest digital money in recent months.

Bitcoin takes the first line with a capitalization of $64.5 billion. Bitcoin Cash takes the fourth line with a capitalization of $2.3 billion.

Recently, Erik Zhang, the NEO co-founder and developer, said that Ethereum will outdrive Bitcoin over time. According to the expert, the main cryptocurrency will lose leadership in the field of digital money.