Adobe Hit a Record for Revenue. The company earned $9 billion for the year

Adobe, the American developer of computer software, achieved maximal results for revenue for the whole its history. The company made an income of $2.5 billion for the last quarter and $9 billion for the financial year.

Adobe’s quarter income grew by 23% compared to the same period last year and reached a record of $2.46 billion. Following the results of the entire 2018 financial year, the revenue was record as well. Compared to the 2017 financial year, it grew by 24% and reached $9.03 billion, as Photoshop’s founder announced.

Adobe’s net profit on a year-to-year basis increased by 35% and amounted to $678.2 million. The company’s net income per share reached $1.37. And the adjusted net income per share amounted to $1.87, by one cent less than Wall Street analysts’ expectations. However, investors were not too upset, as the shares jumped at a price by 3% immediately after releasing the report.