Dow Jones Index Fell Down by 500 Points. Why Do Investors Sell Shares?

US stock indexes lost 2% each on Monday. There was no such weak beginning of December on Wall Street for 38 years. Dow Jones fell down by 500 points, and S&P500 and Nasdaq updated their annual minimums.

US stock indexes collapsed. Following the trades on Monday, December 17, Dow Jones fell down by 500 points, and the S&P500 and Nasdaq updated annual minimums. This is the worst beginning of December on Wall Street in 38 years.

Investors’ concern about the slowdown in the global economy, the lack of progress in trade relations between the USA and China, as well as expectations of a decision on the rates that are expected on Wednesday are the main reasons that caused sales of shares on American stock exchanges.

Problems with raising the key interest rates by the Federal Reserve System and the trade confrontation between Washington and Beijing remain in the limelight of Wall Street players not for the first day and even for the first month. However, the market situation has worsened in recent days due to the fact that there are data proving a slowdown in the Chinese and European economies.